'Let's Sport' Sponsorship Programme

'Let's Sport' Sponsorship Programme for Off-Campus Sports Events and Competitions

Let's Sport Poster

To encourage WS students to stay healthy and to keep fit through exercise and sports participation, Lee Woo Sing College would sponsor partial application fee for individual student participating in sports events / competitions organized outside CUHK campus.

Students can apply for enrollment fee reimbursement from the College through successful submission of:
(1) CUWebForm within 10 working days BEFORE the date of event / competition, and
(2) proofs of participations within 10 working days AFTER participation of the event / competition.

Interested WS students please click HERE for detailed instruction and procedures of 'Let's Sport' Sponsorship Programme.

Link to Application Form

Submission of Activity Reports (please use this form AFTER application is accepted and endorsed by the College)

Should you have any enquiries regarding application procedures and progresses, please contact the College at wscollege@cuhk.edu.hk or 3943 1504.