#6 Getting through the midterm 考試難關



能夠參與中大考試的同學們,其實可謂身經百戰。可是,有些同學仍為了追趕GPA而憂心忡忡,甚至壓力爆煲。無可否認,在申請獎學金,到海外作學術交流,或繼續升學時,GPA的確扮演著關鍵的角色,但它卻不是唯一的關鍵。書院以至世界上頂尖學術機構,在考慮有關申請時,除了學術成績外,更加重視同學對學科的熱誠,創意,經驗,溝通能力,態度等的全人指標。 有些同學為了「易過勁過」,情願選修沒有興趣的課,不僅失去從學習帶來的樂趣,更加扼殺了發展個人專長的機會,是十分可惜的事。再者,大家應該沒有聽前人說過「你的GPA如何,你的日子也必如何」吧!畢業後,那些「過3爆4」的輝煌戰績只能証明你對此學科的熟悉程度,但絕不是通往成功的如意門。

因此,不論是學習或工作,我認為最重要的是全力以赴,享受那獨一的學習過程。正因爲自己經已搏盡,就不用太憂心結果了。在這中期考試前夕,希望同學用功溫習,關關難過關關過!成績好當然令人鼓舞,趟若成績未如理想,讓我借用Harold於上星期的分享: 「對著未如人意的成績,你可能會感到沮喪,也有一些錯誤是不能彌補的,但數年以至數十年後,你的GPA對你會像今天一樣重要嗎?」(我們的答案都是否定的。)

Dear students,

The midterm is approaching, are you full of confident or filled with anxiety?

We are experienced fighters, getting through a lot of battles to earn the privilege to sit in the exam in CUHK. Nonetheless, some of us are still overwhelmed by the pressure of chasing a better GPA. Of course, a shinning GPA score helps in applying for a scholarship, securing for an exchange opportunity, and admitting into the graduate school. But it is not the sole factor to be considered. Our college and other top institutions in the world take the applicant’s altitude, communication skills, innovativeness, experience into account when considering relevant applications. I often feel sad when the students choose a course for the easiness of getting an "A" rather than follow their interest in the subject. For sure, by doing so, one may get some good numbers in your transcript, but that would strangle the path to be your true self. There is one saying that “The GPA doesn’t define who you are”. In fact, after graduation, a GPA of 4 can only prove you did well in the university courses, but it is definitely not a FastPass to success.

Therefore, let’s give our best efforts, put aside the anxiety and enjoy the unique learning process. It would be nice to have done well in the exam. But if the results are not as expected or even disappointing, I hope we will still remember Harold’s sharing last week “It may feel painful in the moment, and some mistakes may in fact be irreversible, but would we feel the same two years or twenty years from now? Would this event have the same impact on us years from now?” Our answers are “No!”, there are so much more in life than a mere GPA score!

Finally, I wish everyone good luck on the exam. Enjoy studying!

Best wishes,

Ellis Fok Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine

Associate Dean of Student, Lee Woo Sing College

The Chinese University of Hong Kong