#4 - Mid-Autumn

Dear Lee Woo Sing Family,


I hope all of you had a wonderful time during the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration and holiday. Mid-Autumn is one of my favorite celebrations in Hong Kong, and not just because of the moon cakes, which I fairly enjoy (especially white lotus paste with double egg yolk). The two main reasons I really enjoy Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong is its focus on family and, traditionally, the harvest.



Related to the first, family is one of the big reasons my wife and I decided to move to Hong Kong upon the completion of my PhD program eight years ago. While we grew up abroad, the vast majority of our very large families was in Hong Kong. In fact, our grandparents had many children (between 5 and 9 on each side), so family gatherings often number 20 to 30 people standing around a small table and eating and laughing. As we are growing older, family takes an added focus.



Related to the second, while most of us rarely see farms or orchards, I think the harvest is a great metaphor for our academic life and careers. As with a harvest, we must first sow seeds, nurture, learn, and put in a lot of effort and hard work before we can harvest our degrees or progress in our careers. However, it's not always up to us. Sometimes many factors beyond our control help or hinder our progress. If we are fortunate, we meet a right teacher or mentor who inspires us and helps us achieve great things beyond what we might be capable of on our own, just like a season with plenty of rain and sunshine on crops. At other times, we might encounter illness, financial difficulty, or harmful people, which could have a similarly devastating effect as a drought or disease. However, we  can rest assured that despite roadblocks along the way, most of our effort lead to progress as we work toward our goals.



So, as the first month of the academic year nears its end, I hope that you are making more friends and feeling more comfortable with your Lee Woo Sing Family. And as midterms and projects approach, I believe you will bear fruit with a plentiful harvest.


Best regards,


Jeff Ng

Dean of Students - Lee Woo Sing College

Associate Professor - School of Accountancy

The Chinese University of Hong Kong