#30 Buddy




要應對各方面的難題,恐怕三頭六臂的人也會疲累。而且,你們努力過後,不一定得到別人的欣賞。記得填詞人黃偉文在他的歌曲作品展上講過「當你發現家人並不特別誇獎、讚賞你所做的工作、你畢生事業的時候,你會有甚麼方法解決呢? 我諗到...搵過一班新的家人。而這班家人在過去六晚都陪着我在這個地方,我多了六萬個家人!」能找到志同道合的朋友,在讀書人的路上並肩,哪怕只有一位,已經足夠應付很多挑戰。


Dear Woo Singer,

There is an old Chinese quote that an intellectual bares the responsibility to care and the morality to act besides the pursuit of knowledge. I think that is the goal for everyone in CUHK, but it is always easier said than done.

This year, our planet’s largest tropical rainforest, the Amazon rainforest, is suffering from a record-high frequency of fire with an over 80% increase compared to last year. Do we know the causes and consequences of this environmental catastrophe? Our society is currently being rocked by one of the largest and longest protests of our history, do you have a thorough understanding of the whole incident? Have you analyzed and digested the information critically? Did you try to understand the perspective of the opposite spectrum? Have you got in touch with your family and friends recently?

It would be exhausting even for the young and bright students to have addressed the above questions. Even if you tried, your attempts might not be appreciated by others. I still remember a few words by our city’s famous lyrics writer Wyman Wong, “Is there a solution when your family doesn’t appreciate what you are doing? My way is to find a new family. And these new families are all by my side in the past six days. I feel loved by these sixty thousand new families.” A buddy who stands with you and appreciates what you have done makes you stronger and tougher.

Two weeks ago, more than 300 students joined Woo Sing. We would like to express our cordial welcome to all new Woo Singer. In the meantime, we wish all of you will soon be able to find a buddy or become one, to share, cheers and fight together.

Best wishes,

Ellis Fok Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine

Associate Dean of Student, Lee Woo Sing College

The Chinese University of Hong Kong