#27 Pursuit of happiness



之前來過書院分享的黃秋生先生,在本年金像獎再奪影帝,獲獎後他感謝亡母,並分享了她的一席話「人生很短促,唔開心就笨喇」。如何在短暫的人生裏「尋開心」的確是一個歷久不衰的課題。最近,一位友人不幸因病離世,當年他是為了能協助他的傷健好友享受水底世界的樂趣,就本著「自己又喜歡,又能幫助人,何樂而不為」的心態,花上數萬元及差不多一年的時間考取潛水教練的專業資格。成為教練之後,他長時間為傷健慈善組織服務,義務教導傷健人仕潛水,讓他們感受這運動的樂趣。在他的悼念冊中,數量最多、最為人懷緬的,就是他與幾位傷健朋友在色彩繽紛的海底世界中一同游樂的合照,那些照片滲透著的,是來自分享的快樂,是來自生命的美。我想,樂於分享自己所擁有的能力,為別人的生命帶來多些色彩,不就是一個「尋開心」的好方法嗎? 我們身處的地方,有不少社會問題,日坐愁城使人忘記生活之樂。但細看時不難發現其實背後還有很多為別人付出甚至犧牲受苦的人,正在用生命照亮他人。這個學期即將完結,同學們在計劃暑期工作活動時,不妨考慮如何走進社會,分享自己的能力,為自己與別人帶來多一點快樂。

# 學期都很短促

# Live for your eulogy

Pursuit of happiness

Dear Woo Singer,

The honourable guest of our recent high table dinner, Mr Anthony Wong Chau-seng, was awarded the Best Actor in the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards 2019. In the award-winning speech, he shared the wisdom of his mother “Live is short. It is unwise to not living it happily”. The pursuit of happiness is a lasting question. Recently, my friend passed away with illness. I still remember he spent several tens of thousand HK dollars and almost a year of time to became a diving instructor because he would like to accompany his disabled friend who loves the ocean to explore the underwater world. After becoming a professional instructor, he still volunteers in teaching disables how to dive, just to spread the joy and excitement of the sport. In his eulogy and memorial album, the most memorable moment that we all remembered was the time he led the disable divers to dive in the crystal clear water with colourful and lively coral. We can taste the joy of sharing and the beauty of life from those images. So I am thinking isn’t it a great idea to pursue happiness by sharing our ability and by helping others? The city that we are living has a plethora of problems that made us struggle and unhappy. But behind our ostensibly unfriendly faces, it is not difficult to find someone who is giving their best or even sacrificing to shine on others. The semester will end this week. Maybe it is a good time to plan for something in the summer to share your ability with those around you. If you do, I am sure you will feel happy too.

Best wishes,

Ellis Fok Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine

Associate Dean of Student, Lee Woo Sing College

The Chinese University of Hong Kong