#22 Donate; Save 3 Lives; 捐出,救3條命!


Dear LWS Students,


How do you feel today? Healthy (no coughing or fever)? Have you had enough rest? Did you wake up early enough for breakfast, or maybe lunch? If so, you may consider donating blood! The Hong Kong Red Cross has set up an area in the seminar rooms on LG1 to collect blood donations (until 5pm). Did you know that recently, 159,863 people in Hong Kong donated blood. This number might seem large, but only represents 3% of the eligible population*! Blood is one of those thing we all need, and we all have, but is still in short supply. If you have time, stop by LG1; you might just save 3 lives!


你今天感覺怎麼樣? 健康(沒有咳嗽或發燒)? 你有足夠的休息嗎? 你早早醒來吃早餐還是吃午飯嗎? 如果是這樣,你可以考慮獻血! 香港紅十字會在LG1的研討室內設立了一個收集獻血的區域 (直到下午5點)。 你知道嗎,最近,香港有159,863人獻血。 這個數字可能看起來很大,但僅佔合格人口的3%*! 血是我們都需要的東西之一,我們都有,但仍然供不應求。 如果你有時間,請考慮停在LG1獻血; 你可能會挽救3條生命!


(*statistics from the HA website)

 Jeff Ng, PhD, CPA

Associate Professor, School of Accountancy

Dean of Students, Lee Woo Sing College 

The Chinese University of Hong Kong