#21 Great master



不久之前無意中下載了一個名為 「tbc」 的小說手機應用程式,內有不同的原創故事,閱讀的時候有畫面和聲效同時播放,讓讀者猶如親歷其境。其中一個故事,名為<<來不及忘記>>,講述一個在影樓長大的兒子,在攝影師父親快要退休、面對該承傳抑或賣掉影樓的兩難局面時,拿著父親的作品尋找相中人,藉此了解父親的想法與執著。故事出現幾位從事夕陽行業的老師傅,他們用數以十年計的時間,以手藝建立自己的事業。可惜,隨著社會和科技的發展,他們亦可能敵不過行業被淘汰的命運。在時代的巨輪下,老師傅們積極求變,持守自己的一門手藝。在故事中穿插的旋律,是林一峰的作品<<老師傅>>。其中幾句歌詞是「有些堅持從沒過問原因,珍惜過程就以得到幸福,歲月淡化了過去的肯定,用笑聲補償」。我想,能找到自己所想,做到歌詞的首兩句應該不成問題,但要達到後兩句歌詞所描述的心境,則必須有一定的人生歷練和廣闊的胸襟氣度。願我們每一位都能在生命中留下堅持的足跡,在困難時能笑著變通,淡定從容地過好每一天。





Great master

Dear Woo Singers,

        I have inadvertently found an app called “tbc” which is a platform for short novels with graphics and sounds that make the readers feel as if they are experiencing it. There is a story “As time goes by” describing a man, who grew up in his father’s studio, trying to grasp his father’s belief and perseverance from a few real photos taken by this retiring old man. In the story, several great masters spent decades on their career with their crafts. Regrettably, these craftsmanships may fall into disuse in the wheel of times as technologies developed despite the efforts and determination of the great master in guarding it. Going along with the story is a song by Chet Lam, a Hong Kong-based singer and composer, and there are lines of lyric that catch me “There is not always a reason behind every insistence. Happiness will come along when we cherish the process. When our success has faded as time goes by, let’s remunerate with laughs and smiles”. I think persistent may not be a difficult task if we found our interest. But we will need magnanimity to stand and laugh when the thing that you are proud of is not/no longer appreciated. I hope every one of us will find their calls in life, keep calm and resilience in difficult times.

Best regards,

Ellis Fok Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine

Associate Dean of Student, Lee Woo Sing College

The Chinese University of Hong Kong