#17 Reflection before the New Year

Dear Lee Woo Sing students,

As the year of the Dog draws to a close, it is perhaps time for some personal reflection. What are some things that you are the most proud of, and what are some things that you wish to have been different?

Your answers to these questions point to the values you have. What is important and meaningful differ from one person to another, but typically pertains to one of the following: Competence (what one is good at), Autonomy (what one is free to do), and Relatedness (who one connects with). According to Self-Determination Theory, when people meet these three needs, they function optimally and achieve personal meaning and well-being.

For example, university life is enriched when one feels competent academically, is able to choose what activities to pursue, and has strong relationships with friends and teachers. In the coming year, you may think about the acronym C-A-R as you strive to have a balanced and fulfilling life. All three areas are essential!

Wishing you a healthy, happy, and prosperous Year of the Pig.


Harold Chui, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Psychology

Associate Dean of Students, Lee Woo Sing College

The Chinese University of Hong Kong