#1 Welcome Home!

Dear Lee Woo Sing Students,

Whether you are a new student – arriving on campus for the first time – or a returning student, familiar with the surroundings, we welcome you home. I am excited to be the new Dean of Students for Lee Woo Sing College, and I am joined by Harold Chui and Ellis Fok, our Associate Deans of Students. We thank Prof. Stanley Hui and Prof. CH Cheng for their years of service to the College and hope to continue their work providing a positive and caring environment to all of our students.

Starting or returning to university can be a time of great stress. In fact, as a professor doing teaching and research, a husband and father of two baby girls, and a new Dean of Students, I often feel stressed! But, did you know that stress can be both positive and negative? Positive stress, also known as eustress, is what motivates us and helps us to be productive. Of course, negative stress (distress) can work the opposite and reduce our motivation and even hinder what could be simple tasks.

Recently, it was announced that University President Prof. Tuan proposed two new courses, including one related to Positive Psychology. While I am no expert on this topic, I definitely feel that what we do and how we face challenges, big and small, are based on our social ties and views of the world. Any experience can make us wiser, stronger, and more experienced; especially when we can share experiences with those who care about our well-being.

As we embark on a new year, I hope that all of your experiences are positively and fulfilling ones. However, if you ever experience distress and are not sure what to do, you are not alone. In addition to your existing family and friends, as a part of the Lee Woo Sing family, you have hundreds of classmates, dozens of student leaders, 9 Tutors, 3 Deans of Students, 2 Wardens, a College Master and Associate Master, and many other staff who are here to help. We look forward to walking along-side you during your University and College career.

Have a great year!

Jeff Ng, PhD, CPA

Dean of Students, Lee Woo Sing College (Room G08, South Block)

Associate Professor, School of Accountancy

The Chinese University of Hong Kong