#9 Happy New Year

Dear students, 


As the Year of the Pig draws to a close, let us give some thoughts about the past year. It is probably the most unusual year that we collectively experienced. Tension and emotions soared, plans changed time after time, some relationships strengthened but some fell apart, etc. To say the least, turbulent times are not easy to be in. However, they help us to reflect and focus on what we value and who we treasure. We may find it more difficult to sustain concentration at school, or even lose interest in activities or dreams that previously excited us, but these may be attributed to the need to deal with so many external challenges, rather than to personal failings or weakness. I hope the short break can be rejuvenating and bring new energy to your relationships and endeavors.  


Wishing you a healthy Year of the Rat.


Chui Tsz Yeung Harold, Ph.D. 

Associate Dean of Students, Lee Woo Sing College

Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Psychology

The Chinese University of Hong Kong