#8 How are you?

Dear Lee Woo Singers,


People often do not know how to respond when asked the question “how are you?” Should they give an honest response or politely say, “I’m fine,” despite what they may actually be feeling.


Let me tell you, in the past few months, at times, I (and I am sure all of you) have felt ANGRY, UPSET, SAD, CONFUSED, ANXIOUS, TIRED, and many other negative feelings. However, at other times, I can honestly say “I’m fine.” Better than fine, actually. When I talk with students, hope replaces anxiety. When I prepare a lecture or work on a research paper, curiosity replaces confusion. When I read or play with my children, joy replaces sadness. When I have coffee with friends, peace replaces anger. We cannot always control our circumstances, be they near (e.g. our families) or far, but we can choose to focus on the positives and the opportunities that give us hope.


As we start another term, I hope you are able to focus and excel on your academic and co-curricular activities. I hope you are fine; no, better than fine! However, I also want to emphasize that sometimes, “it is ok to not be ok”. It is natural to feel hurt, or frustration, or anger, or scared; but recognize that those feelings do not always go away on their own or resolve themselves. We must practice self-care. Seek a friend to talk with or a professional counsellor if necessary. The college and university also have resources to try to help. Message me or Harold or Ellis or anyone in the College Office. There is absolutely no need to face this world alone.


With hope and care,


Jeff Ng, PhD, CPA

Associate Professor, School of Accountancy

Dean of Students, Lee Woo Sing College

The Chinese University of Hong Kong