#7 Aspirations

Dear Woo Sing Students,

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the 7th Graduation Ceremony for Lee Woo Sing College and witness around 300 students mark the completion of their undergraduate studies at CUHK and LWS. Watching the mostly smiling faces walk across the stage to receive their degrees, a question kept popping into my head, “I wonder what they are going to do in the future”.


I also want to ask you; “what are you doing now and what do you plan to do in the future?” For some, the answer might be as simple as ace (or pass) your final exams and classes. For others, it might be to help organize LWS’s SingCon or College Anniversary Celebration. For still others, it might be to become a successful _____ (fill-in-the blank), find a cure for Alzheimer, or end World hunger. I encourage each of you to take a medium/long term perspective to answer that question. What does that mean? Ask yourself, what do you aspire to, and how do you intend to get there?

A Single Step

There is a well-known saying: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” (千里之行,始於足). While walking a thousand miles may seem like an impossible task, a single step is easy, maybe even trivial, but necessary. Life is the same way. Becoming a successful _____ might seem difficult, but if you take a step in the right direction, it is only a matter of hard work and time before you reach your destination. Of course, it helps to surround yourself with like-minded people who will encourage and help you along the way.

Congratulations to all of our recent graduates! To the rest of you, I hope as you will walk across that stage in the near future, you will be taking a big step towards your future aspirations.

Best regards,

Jeff Ng, PhD, CPA

Associate Professor, School of Accountancy

Dean of Students, Lee Woo Sing College

The Chinese University of Hong Kong