#6 Perspectives







日常生活中,我們往往只看到事情的單一面向,而忘了它還有另一個面向,甚至是第三個面向。當我們站在某一點去看事情時,若能試著從其他點切入,站在「對面」角度去思考,便能看見另一天空。就像漫畫中,如一個人在街角行來行去就只會看到 Just do nothing It is impossible 的唏噓和絕望,又怎能了解從對角看到的  Just do it Nothing is impossible 呢?










#Rule our mind

#Just do nothing - It is impossible remix




Dear Woo Sing students, 


     I came across an illustration by @tangyauhoong (see attached) last week and was deeply inspired by it. We often see one side of an incident but forgot the other side or even the third angle. If one can consider different perspectives, it will often lead to a new horizon. Just like the illustration, when we walk around on the same path at the corner, we will only see the two despairing phrases, “Just do nothing” and “It is impossible”. If we do not walk to the other side of the path, how can we see the whole picture, “Just do it. Nothing is impossible”?


    The philosophy may be simple. But the key is how to make understanding other perspectives to become a habit? We are often tangling at a point because of a belief and the worries of negation. When it comes to challenges, we often put our rational aside, stay in our comfort zone and seek peer recognition. If we want to practise a diverse perspective mindset, we will have to rule our emotions and master our minds. Keep an open and flexible mindset, communicate with opponents and learn their perspectives. It is only when we make the first step before we can see the unseen possibilities.       


    By mastering our mind, considering different perspectives and having the ability to act, we will become wise, confident, and resilience to overcome the morass in life.  



Ellis Fok Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine

Associate Dean of Student, Lee Woo Sing College,

The Chinese University of Hong Kong