#5 Caring for others

Dear Lee Woo Sing students,


We have all been affected by the recent and ongoing events in Hong Kong. The unpredictability of how things unfold from one moment to the next can cause anxiety and be mind-numbing. 


During these uncertain times, let us remember to care for one another as best as we can. There is nothing that can be compared to the warmth of friendly interactions. As social beings, we yearn to be seen and understood by others.


How can we show others that we care about them? A simple search online led me to these 7 ways (Source: theodysseyonline.com/7-ways-show-care):

  1. Smile

  2. Give someone a hug

  3. Listen

  4. Send an encouraging text

  5. Bake a special treat

  6. Give them a call

  7. Take the time to actually hang out with someone


With just a little time, we can all show care to those we love.


Take care,

Harold Chui

Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Psychology

Associate Dean of Students, Lee Woo Sing College

The Chinese University of Hong Kong