#4 The Key

Dear Lee Woo Sing students,


How would you answer if someone asked you “how do you feel?”


Many thoughts and situations might have just popped into your head. Did a friend say something that made you happy today? Perhaps you feel stressed about a coming project or exam. Perhaps current events have you feeling uneasy or upset. Maybe you are excited about a study trip or a vacation coming up. Or maybe you are angry because you feel a friend or family member betrayed your trust.


Today, I want to remind you of one thing: you hold the key to your happiness. True, situations and other people’s actions are beyond our control, but you are completely in control of how you feel and deal with those situations. If you do poorly on an exam, you can choose to study harder the next time around or you can choose to complain that the exam was unfair (it may or may not be). How you face the situation strongly correlates with how you will handle the situation the next time.


Of course, I hope that you have nurturing family members who support you, friends who understand you, and you feel that the University and College staff truly care about your academic and whole-person development. However, even if you encounter situations that are not what you expected, remember that you, and only you, hold the key to your happiness.


Take care!


Jeff Ng, PhD, CPA

Associate Professor, School of Accountancy

Dean of Students, Lee Woo Sing College

The Chinese University of Hong Kong