#11 Serenity

Dear Lee Woo Sing students,

How do you view your current situation? Do you find it uncomfortable that you are advised to stay home more often and limit how much you go outside and interact with other? Do you find on-line lectures difficult to follow? Are you worried about the supply of facemasks or bleach in your home? Do you worry about the economic downturn and how it might affect your job prospects, just when you are about to finish your studies?

I think most of us would answer yes to some or most of those questions. And maybe rightly so. But today, I don’t want to focus on the negative circumstances that we are all facing, but on how we might choose to face the challenges. There is a famous saying known as the Serenity Prayer that reads, "God, grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference."

I don’t know how you feel about that quote, but it makes me think of how impressive many people in Hong Kong (and around the World) have been, including our students, teachers, medical workers, etc. All the teachers I know have tried hard to learn the new technology to conduct online teaching and improvise to maintain/increase learning effectiveness; The Zoom attendance in many classes have been over 90%; employees work from home to reduce risk to others; front-line workers continue to care for others, and on. Yes, some things we cannot change, but it seems that most of us have the courage to change in areas we can.

I hope things return to normal, or even better, soon. Until then, I wish you and all of your family and friends good health and continued learning.

Best regards,

Jeff Ng, PhD, CPA

Associate Professor, School of Accountancy

Dean of Students, Lee Woo Sing College

The Chinese University of Hong Kong