#10 Why me?

Why me?

This year’s Lunar New Year holiday is a difficult time for everyone in Hong Kong. In the family gathering, we discuss the bat rather than the rat, we talk about the stock in grocery stores rather than the stock market. In view of the present situation, our great grandfather shares his story of resilience in wartime when people struggle to get even the basic needs with us. Although we have listened to his story numerous times, we all learnt from the fact behind the wisdom of an old man “we shall overcome someday”. If our grandparents can make it through those times, I believe our generation can make it too.

We often have a question in the difficult time “Why me? why do I have to cope with these messes?”  We probably need a sense of humour and confidence to address this question. I once heard a saying that "the problem has chosen you because you are capable of solving it". If we place our situations in the formula, we may get: “Why do we have to face the social unrest? Because we are brave.”; “Why do we have to struggle some daily needs? Because we can be generous and helpful.”; “Why do we have to process so many misinformation? Because we can act morally and wisely”. This small step longing for solace amidst hardship will lead us through.

The semester will start online next Monday, I hope we all have the courage and confidence to fight the coming challenges. Finally, I would like to share a legend of a drawing by Mr. Chen Jian, who held an art exhibition in our college months ago.

“For the road ahead, there may be thorns or traps, but there are always footprints from trekkers”.

I wish everyone a good start in the Year of Rat!


Ellis Fok Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine

Associate Dean of Student, Lee Woo Sing College

The Chinese University of Hong Kong