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Choir Audition 2019-20

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ws choir group photo with VC

“Harmony”, being the spirit of Lee Woo Sing College, can certainly be embodied by “choral singing”. When students of Lee Woo Sing College come together and sing in harmony, not only it provides an opportunity for students to unite, their hearts, their minds and their souls are drawn together by music, which is why the Woo Sing (i.e. harmony) Choir is established.

Woo Sing Choir was set up in February 2012. Since then, the choir has performed in may college functions, such as high table dinner, inauguration ceremony, orientation dinner and College grand opening dinner. It is the honour of Lee Woo Sing College to have Ms. Ruth Chung to be the Honorary Music Director of the Woo Sing Choir, leading the college Choir to be a distinctive College signature.