[2020-01-04] Information Regarding to New Infectious Diseases

There are few cases reported in local hospital who have visited Wuhan with symptoms of respiratory infections and fever. Colleges and hostels are places where students gather, hence there is a risk of outbreaks of infectious diseases. We are concerning the health of our students and have taken the following precautionary measures as part of our care.

In response to the government ’s announcement of response for the new infectious diseases, the College has contacted two students returning from Wuhan conduct health declaration and observation procedures immediately after returning to hostel. College has also confirmed with its staff and canteen staff that no one has visited Wuhan in the past 14 days. The College is calling on all returning students to pay attention to personal health. If they have been visited Wuhan within 14 days, or have continued illness (especially fever, cough or related symptoms), please report to any staff/ tutors/ Wardens in the College. If you have the previous mentioned symptoms, please consult a doctor in UHS.

The College campus has been thoroughly disinfected during the closure of hostel. Under the alert of new infectious diseases, we have also strengthened the cleanliness of campus. Alcohol hand rub and disposable face masks are provided free of charge on G/F counter.

The College will continue to monitor the government's announcement of new infectious diseases, and follow up regularly and maintain close contact with WSSU and students. Please contact College Office, Dean of Students, Wardens and tutors if needed. If there are any suspected case found in the College, we will notify authorities immediately and handled in accordance with relevant guidelines to ensure students live in a safe and healthy campus.