[2019-06-28] Regarding Press Report on LG1 Renovation Project in 2018

The College noticed a press report of MingPao on 26th June mentioned renovation works project on LG1, LG4 levels carried out last year. The report was written based on a quotation of CUHK Secret post on Facebook, which a letter from Buildings Department was shown. As a result of receiving inquiries from WSSU and learning that students are concerned about the authenticity of the press report, the College would like to take this chance to make clear of the decision-making and endorsement process of this project to avoid misunderstanding. 

Due to the space limitation, the College had discussed with student leaders and explored different options for better use of space to provide more student areas in 2018. The proposals raised then not only included the renovation of learning commons area on LG1 level, but also addition of a seminar room for student use on the same floor, and two student studios on LG4 level for student use. Those addition of rooms indeed increased the overall activity space of students. 

Various campus renovation project design proposals (including the renovation on LG1 and LG4 levels) were presented at the meeting of Hostel and College Facilities Management Committee held on 14th March, 2018 and during the consultation meeting for hostel fees adjustment held on 20th March of the same year. Five student representatives of the Committee and students attended the consultation meeting showed their support of these projects. The proposal was also reported and endorsed in the Assembly of Fellows in April of the same year. Student representatives of Assembly of Fellows include representatives from WSSU. 

The revised layout plans were submitted to the Buildings Department by Authorized Person, and approved by the Department in August 2018. Upon completion of renovation works, the approved plan was also certified by the Authorized Person and further confirmed by the Buildings Department in written form in April 2019. 

The information provided on the press report was incomplete. For example, the detail of inquiry information, such as reference number on the reply letter had not been shown. It is difficult for the University and the College to follow up the matter. By the way, the Building Department's reply letter clearly indicated that the scope of the project being questioned did not have any Unauthorized Building Works or works needs rectification. The College has not received any communication from the Building Department regarding the project as well. Therefore, the College will not make further follow up for the time being. 

Meanwhile, College officers and representatives of WSSU made preliminary discussion on allocation of the student activity space, and re-examined the space management strategies in order to make best use of space in the campus. If you have any suggestions on the use of the College space, please feel free to contact us or WSSU. Thank you.