[2018-02-01] Outstanding Student Award 2018/19 - Nomination & Application Commence

Outstanding Student Award 2018/19

The Lee Woo Sing College Outstanding Student Award is a prestigious award for its students, commending their outstanding achievements. It aims to encourage promising students who not only exhibit academic excellence, but also outstanding all-round development, leadership skills, engagements in societal services, efforts in promoting and supporting environmental protection initiatives, significant contribution to the College, and sports achievement. The awardees are expected to represent the College as role models for fellow students.

Starting from 2018/19, the Award accepts both nominations and application from individual student. The 2018/19 Award is now open for nominations and applications. Applications are due at the College Office by 20th February 2019. 

For details and forms, please visit http://www.ws.cuhk.edu.hk/student-information/osawards