[2017-02-24] Lee Woo Sing College campus attained Platinum rating under BEAM

HK BEAM Certification

The campus of CUHK Lee Woo Sing College attained the Platinum rating under the ‘Building Environmental Assessment Method (BEAM)’ in February 2017 for its green building features and advanced green infrastructure. LWS is the University’s sixth building attaining the BEAM Platinum rating.

Enjoyment of a ‘green life’ is one of the core collegiate experiences for Lee Woo Sing College students and teachers, and one of which they are right to be proud. In addition to building the campus on a green valley, so as to merge the campus in the natural environment, the College installed various green infrastructures to reduce carbon footprint.

Lee Woo Sing College installed the Hong Kong’s first hostel smart meter system, and energy monitoring and information systems on campus. Students may check and compare their real-time energy usage and that of the hostel from their mobile devices. Apart from student activities like energy saving competition, the College rebates unused electricity quota to students. 330,000 units of electricity has been rebated to students since implementation of the smart meter in 2012/13. Last year, our hostel paid approximately $150,000 less electricity than other CUHK hostels of similar capacities. Other green infrastructures such as the high-efficiency CIGS solar panel system, have been implemented last year. The College will review and enhance its green building, infrastructure and educational programmes in future, to infuse our students and teachers into green culture and green life.

The College has been widely recognized for its excellent effort in green technology and promotion of environmental protection. Apart from the BEAM platinum rating certification, the College has been awarded the Silver Prize in the "Public Organization, Utility, University" Sector of CLP GREEN PLUS Recognition Award in 2014, and triple awards in CUHK Green Office Programme in 2015. For details of green infrastructure and education initiatives, please visit College’s website (http://www.ws.cuhk.edu.hk/green-life).