WS 3rd Chef Competition - Very __?__ Dumpling

WS 3rd Chef Competition – 十級搞「餃」震

Date: 23 March 2018

Time: 5:30-8:30 pm

Venue: Cookery Room and Dining Hall, Lee Woo Sing College

Essence of the Competition:

·         To demonstrate the cooking “Skill”, “Creativity” & “Teamwork”.


·         The Competition is open to all WS Students, Teachers, Staff Club Members, College Staff & Wardens Team.

·         Participants can join the competition in groups (max: 4) or by an individual. Max: 10 teams


1.      Food Challenge

·         Each team have to create one dumpling dish (any cuisine) with a name of the dish

·         For the dish, at least 10 dumplings are prepared.

·         Food & Equipment Preparation Time: 90 minutes (from 5:30-7:00pm) in Cookery Room

·         Cooking Time: One hour (from 7:00-8:00pm)

·         Basic cooking tools, utensils and/or equipment will be provided by the College Office (3 working days booking in advance)

2.      10th Anniversary Challenge

·         The dish decoration could demonstrate the theme of 10th Anniversary

·         The ingredients/ idea could connect with the College/ 10th Anniversary

·         The counter decoration could present the celebrative atmosphere of 10th Anniversary

Sponsor by Lee Woo Sing College:

·         College will sponsor a maximum sum of HK$250 to each team for purchasing food ingredients materials.  Please submit all the original invoices to the College Office before the start of the competition for reimbursement.


·         Best 餃餃震: in terms of taste & creativity

·         Best 十級: in terms of food presentation on the plate

·         Best 搞搞震: in terms of idea presentation of 10th anniversary / College to the judges

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