The 10th Anniversary JOYFUL RUN

The 10th Anniversary JOYFUL RUN

Joyful Run

Activity Constitution


Name of the activity

Lee Woo Sing College the 10th Anniversary JOYFUL RUN



College Office, Lee Woo Sing Physical Education Unit, Woo Sing Sports Association



(i) To celebrate College the 10th anniversary

(ii) Enhance the cohesion of all members on Lee Woo Sing College

(iii) To build up a healthy and active lifestyle among LWS students, staff and teachers, alumni, affiliated members and their family members



28th February 2018 (Wednesday)


Time :

18:30 to 20:00 (Starting at 19:00)



All students, teachers and staff, Alumni, affiliated members of Lee Woo Sing College, their family members arewelcomed.


Quota :

200 participants


Starting :

Piazza, the University Station


Finish :

Lee Woo Sing College


The course

Piazza University Station→ Fong Shu Chuen Bldg→ YIA → Wu Ho Man

Yuen Bldg→ Tennis courts 6 & 7 → EMO → along Campus Circuit East→

Residence Road→ pass through University Residence 12 → U.C. Staff

Residence → Lee Woo Sing College towards the finishing line(details

please refer to Route of Joyful Run).


Course Distance

From Piazza the University Station to Lee Woo Sing College, total distance is about 2,400 m.



(i) On-line form:

(ii) Entry form in College Office counter


Application period:

From 22nd January (Monday) to 9th February (Friday), 2018, before 13:00


Entry fee



Registration time:

Starting from 18:30 to 18:50, athletes please collect race number bib in person at registration counter near Starting area. All athletes must pin up the race number bib on the chest along the course. Late registration will not be accepted.


Categories and Prizes

(i) Men’s Group, trophies and prizes for fastest 1st, 2nd & 3rd participants, prizes for 4th to 10th

(ii) Women’s Group, trophies and prizes for fastest 1st, 2nd & 3rd participants, prizes for 4th to 10th

(iii) Best Modeling, including main theme of the 10th anniversary, infinite and caring


PE class score :

Participants obtain 4 points in PE class when they completed the run. Certificate is provided in the finish.


Personal Stuff

No baggage service and athletes take care of their personal stuff.


Opening Ceremony :

The Ceremony will be held at 18:55 in Piazza the University Station.


Prize Presentation

The presentation will be held at 19:30 in Lee Woo Sing College, fruit

zone and water are provided.


First-aid stations

First-aid service will be located along the race and at the Finish.



All participants shall report to Lee Woo Sing College before the




If typhoon No.8 or higher typhoon signal is hoisted at 14:00, or black

storm/ lightning storm is valid in the afternoon of the race day, the

race will then becancelled.



No appeal is allowed. The chief judge is responsible for all final decision.



All participants must obey the rules of racing and the instructions of the officials.


Insurance :

Public Liability Insurance is covered by the Organizer. Participants are advised to arrange their own personal or other insurance policies separately if necessary.



The organizing committee reserves the right to amend the above regulations without prior notice whenever necessary.



Mr. FUNG Kam Fai 3943 1635 (PEU)

Mr. HO Wai Keung 3943 3784 (PEU)

Mr. LEUNG Yik Kiu Gordon : 6432 5403 (WSSA)

College Office : 3943 1504

Route of Joyful Run (course distance 2,400m)