WS Sky Garden

WS Sky Garden is now open!  It's located at SB 8/F.  Please come to visit!

Let’s build our WS Sky Garden together!

We need your participation.  It's your Sky Garden.

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Sky Garden Renovation Project - Layout Plan

8/F Sky Garden Renovation Work - Welcome any WS Students/Teachers/Staff to join us

Divided into 4 Stages:

1st Stage – Clear Up 8/F Rooftop (27/2-5/3/2017):
• Remove the soil from current planter boxes:
- Remove the plants on top of the planter boxes
- Remove the soil from the planter boxes into big garbage bag and place them into a designated area for later use

• Clear up the roof area:
- Throw away the wasted materials
- Remove the pot plants to a designated area
- Re-organize the storage house

2nd Stage – Design & Assemble the New Farm (6/3-12/3/2017):
• Assemble the materials:
- Wooden Fencing
- Planter boxes
- Placing all the materials together to build our own special WS Sky Garden!
- Placing the soil back into the existing planter boxes
- Putting seedlings/ herbs into the existing planter boxes

3rd Stage – Start Planting & Installation of Planting Technology (13/3-19/3/2017):
• Placing the soil into planter boxes
• Installing dripping lines
• Put the plants in the boxes
• Install Solar Light
• Start decorating part of DIY Section, also open for students to place their DIY artwork or pots plant

4th Stage -  (20/3-26/3/2017):
• Checking things are working well
• Fine-tune everything & prepare the Opening Ceremony

End March/ Early April
• Opening Ceremony + Music Farm (date to be confirmed)

Please contact Ada Fung ( at College Office for any queries.