Green Christmas

Christmas 2016

First Gingerbread House at Lee Woo Sing College:

For the past two years, we were having environmental friendly & creative Green Christmas Trees at our lobby for Christmas decoration. This year, we did something new for a change! We built an eco-friendly WS first Gingerbread House!  More than that, it came with a North-Pole Train.  All the materials were mainly from unwanted cardboard, old posters, waste materials and old toys which were collected from hostel check-out recycle activities at our College.  Every year, we use recycled and wasted materials to decorate the lobby as we would like to give a message that all these unwanted materials can turn out something nice with some creativity and imagination.  Let's go Green!

Christmas 2015

The Green "Tube" Christmas Tree:

Last year, we made good use of wasted materials like empty cans, cartons and old magazines to build a “Green Christmas Tree” and deer sleigh.  This year, we used the recycle materials, faulty fluorescent tubes and reused of decorative materials to build our first Tube Christmas Tree!

We named it as “Tube” Christmas Tree as the skeleton of the tree is made with faulty T5 fluorescent tubes. Our College is using T5 energy-saving tubes and photo-motion sensors for lighting in most of the hostel areas; and LED in selected areas, such as The Dining Hall. We concern the harm to the environment of disposal of fluorescent tubes much, and looking for a better solution to increase energy efficiency in lighting and minimize waste of fluorescent tubes. Our target is to gradually replace lighting equipment with LED lights.

We hope this little green tree can bring out the green message for raising our awareness of environment as well as to demonstrate waste management!

Christmas 2014

Our First Christmas Tree at Lee Woo Sing College:

Green Christmas Tree and Deer SleighGreen Christmas Tree with decoration lights on

Lee Woo Sing College is committed to “Green Life” and “Energy Saving”. This year, we made good use of wasted materials such as used cans, cartons and old magazines to build a “Green Christmas Tree”! A paddle generator is installed inside the deer sleigh for converting kinetic energy to electrical energy. The electricity generator will power up the Christmas lights, a small fan, 2 speakers to play Christmas music, and can even charge up mobile phones or tablets.  We hope this little artwork can help to raise our awareness of environment and energy saving! Let’s practice low carbon living! Wish you a Merry Christmas!