October 2017

Green News (Oct 2017)

A) Recycle Mini-Fashion show -16 Oct 2017

There were 3 outfits have been made by our GLAs during the show, which are “鋁皇 – The Aluminum Queen” , “回收俠 – Recycle Man” and “風之子 – The Son of Wind”.

All outfits are creative and gorgeous and they would be displayed on Green WS Day on 10 Nov.

If you are interested, please watch the show via the following link:


B) Helpers for Waste Collection Station – 16 Oct & 20 Oct

Being the Greenest Hostel in CUHK, our GLAs educated students to separate the food waste on waste collection station in WS Pavilion.

Waste Collection Station

C) Eco Tour – 22 Oct 2017

We invited our honorary Consultants Uncle George & Auntie Boman and the eco tour guide Mr. Yan from Hong Kong Ecotourism Society Ltd to join our Eco Tour Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park. We were excited to understand the eco life in Hoi Ha Wan. Besides, we cleaned our beautiful ocean too! See what we did for only 30 mins. :

Eco Tour Hoi Ha Wan Marine ParkEco Tour Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park Eco Tour Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park

Our next Eco-Tour would be held on early Jan 2018 during Semester break. Please suggest us where you guys would like to go and what things to learn?

D)  The Organic Farming Course – 24 Oct 2017

We weeded and sowed in the first lesson!

Organic Farming CourseOrganic Farming Course

The members of Planting Team would do the irrigation and weeding start from Nov !

Your team leader should invite you in the what’s app group already.

If you didn’t be invited by what's app, just let me know.