November 2017

Green News (Nov 2017)

1. Promotional Video made by Promotion Team

Our promotion team members made a video to educate LWS-ees to recycle properly and “Bring Your Own”. Click HERE to watch the funny video!

2. Green Art Workshop

3 November is a Green Art Workshop, which was taught by Mr. George Jor and Ms. Boman Ho, our college Honorary Consultant for Green Living Education. The workshop is themed with plastic bottles and taught the student how to plant the Epipremnum aireum. Nearly 40 GLA participated in the workshop, which is the highest of all previous green workshops.

Green Art WorkshopGreen Art Workshop

3. A plastic Ocean

On the 8th of November, our College co-organized with WWF and CPSO to broadcast a short version of "A Plastic Ocean" in our mini theater. On that day, Ms. Jo Ruxton, the producer of the film, and Mr. Patrick Yeung from WWF have been invited and discussed after the film. In addition, participants could get the free popcorn if they brought their own box to response to the green activity "BYO -Bring Your Own”.

A plastic OceanA plastic Ocean

4. Green Day

Green WS Day has entered its sixth year this year. As always, Green WS Day brings the importance of green living and promotes green messages to all. There were 6 different types of booths for this year prepared by our Green Life Ambassadors. These included plantation of plastic bottles with waste recycling, energy-saving solar cooking and solar carts, to share the idea of protecting the marine oceans by the exhibition board, pollution-free coloring and share the harvest in our SKY Garden.

In the sunny afternoon, our solar cooking was very successful! In the solar cooking booth, there were so many delicious sausage, crispy bread and yummy marshmallow. Besides, we used Roselle flowers to make a tea and steamed the sweet potato which all from our SKY Garden!

Green DayGreen DayGreen Day

Marine litter exhibition boards were created by Green Life Ambassadors, which showed what they learned and their feelings from a series of green activities! Plastic Bottle Planting was also what Green Life Ambassadors learned from the Green Art workshops before. In order to uphold the responsibility of promotion of Green Life Ambassadors, they treasure the platform of Green WS Day to shares what they feel and what they learned.

Green DayGreen Day

5. Update of the sky garden

With the help of our instructor, Mr. Chu, our students re-sowed the sweet potato. We hope we could get this round of crop in the Chinese New Year successfully. And let’s share together!

sky garden