Green Life Ambassador Programme 2017-18

Green Life Ambassador 2017-2018

Number of North Polar Bears is decreasing because of  global warming impact on the world. Hurry Up! Start your GREEN life! Let’s be Green Life Ambassador. Recruitment opens until 6th September.

A series of exciting green activities are waiting for you. More activities you join, higher possibilities you can gain the hostel scores!

GLA poster 201718

One Day Orientation and Training

With the help of our honorary consultants, Mr. George JOR Chi Keung and Ms. HO Po Man Boman, the orientation and training day was so successful and we had lots of fun and experienced the fantastic natural environment in Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden.  Besides, we had introduced what Green we are doing in Lee Woo Sing College, i.e. Sky Garden in 8/F, Solar Panel in the rooftop and the programme of GLA.

A) These are the highlights:

One Day Orientation and TrainingOne Day Orientation and Training

One Day Orientation and TrainingOne Day Orientation and Training

B) Our Greenivities in 2017/18

The following are the Greenivities in 2017/18.

1st Semester

WS Flea Market

2-3 Sept 2017

Green Life Ambassador – 1 Day Orientation & Training

23 Sept 2017

Organic Farming Course

Oct-Dec 2017


Mid Oct 2017

Green Workshop

Oct 2017

Short Film & Seminar – A Plastic Ocean

8 Nov 2017

Green WS Day

Early Nov 2017

2nd Semester


Jan 2018

Green Cooking Workshop Series

Feb - April 2018

Green Fiesta

March 2018

Hostel Check-Out Materials Recycle Program

Mid-May 2018

Please join Us and enjoy GLA ! We would announce every activity by email, so, please check your email frequently!

C) GLA points

We had introduced the GLA points on the training day too.

GLA points are so crucial this year because we use the GLA points to help us to count our hostel score in the end of semester 2.

So, join our sub-team and participate our activities are very important to get enough GLA points for getting the hostel score eventually.

D) How to join our sub-teams?

Please fill the following web form before 30/09/2017 (sat) and choose your available time for the first meeting of sub-team.