WS People Fund

WS People Fund

Established in 2007 and started students’ admission in 2011, Lee Woo Sing College (WS) have gone through a rapid development stage in the first decade. A unique College tradition which closely connects with our society has been developed. Till academic year 2018/19, WS have conferred degrees to 5 batches of WS graduates, which paves a way to build up an extensive alumni network in the coming decades. We are dedicated to creating a thankful and appreciative culture to everyone related to the College. During the 10th Anniversary Celebration Programme, an initial plan of ‘WS People Fund’ was announced and WS graduates were encouraged to give back to their alma mater. An official platform of ‘WS People Fund’ has been established in October 2018 to formalize all tangible support from WS stakeholders, regardless of the amount of contribution.

The ‘WS People Fund’ aim at cultivating a thankful and appreciation College culture, gathering generous donation from all people linked with WS, including students, graduates, teachers, staff and friends to support the sustainable development of the College. The College wish to develop long-term relationship with donors through close engagement in College development projects. Recognition will be given to donors with remarkable contributions to WS.


There are two major directions of ‘WS People Fund’ to enhance WS development:

A. College development: Donations specifying purpose of ‘College development’ can help WS students benefit from

  • Hostel facilities improvement
  • Provision of advanced sports and recreational facilities for WS students
  • Green-life initiatives, e.g. energy-saving hardware and sustainable campus development projects
  • Positive and caring campaigns which supports WS student in mental aspect

B. Scholarship: Donations specifying purpose of ‘students’ bursary and scholarship’ will be transferred to ‘WS People Fund Scholarship’ scheme to support WS students with excellence in academic performance or with financial difficulties

Our commitment to donors is that WS will use donations wisely and in accordance with donors’ instructions. WS believe that donors’ gifts provide a strong force for a real change in the College and beyond.

Donation Method

Interested donors can fill in ‘WS People Fund’ donation form via the internet or the offline donation form. The offline donation form should be sent to the General Office (Address: 1/F, Dorothy and Ti-Hua KOO Building, Lee Woo Sing College).

‘WS People Fund’ accept the following 2 donation methods:

a) By crossed cheque (payable to “The Chinese University of Hong Kong”); donors should send the donation confirmation page / offline donation form and the crossed cheque to the General Office of Lee Woo Sing College;

b) By credit cards (Only VISA and MasterCard are accepted)

Both one-off and recurrent donations (in monthly, quarterly or annually format) are accepted. All donation amount will be denominated in Hong Kong dollars. Donors may also report as anonymous for all kinds of donation. Donations are tax-deductible with official receipts. A receipt will be issued for donations of HK$100 or above.

Donation Recognition

The donors are welcome to donate any amount in the multiple of $10 in one-off or on a regular basis. Individual donation accounts will be set for donors enrolling in recurrent donations.

  • When the total accumulated donation has reached HK$10,000, the name of the donor will be engraved on the wall at the entrance of Lee Woo Sing College. An ‘Appreciation Certificate’ will be issued to the donor in recognition of donor’s contribution.
  • When the total accumulated donation has reached HK$100,000, the name of the donor will be engraved on the ‘College Donor Plaque’ at Anita Leung Fung Yee Lobby, G/F, Lee Woo Sing College in recognition of donor’s contribution.

Contact Information

Mr. HO Kin Ho/ Ms. Mandy TSOI
Asst. College Development Officer/ General Clerk
Lee Woo Sing College
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong

Email        :
Phone       : (852) 3943 1634
Fax           : (852) 2603 5849