General Information

College Entrance

Located at Residence Road, our beautiful campus is built along the contours of the hill, admiring the beautiful view of the Tolo Harbour and Pat Sin Leng. The College is situated at the mid-level of the University Campus and in close proximity to United College and Wu Yee Sun College. It is within walking distance from the University library, teaching buildings, and student facilities at the mid and upper levels. There is also a regular shuttle bus service to the University MTR station and other parts of the campus.

The College’s beautiful campus is commanding the tranquil view of Tolo Harbour. The idea of the campus design is to make the buildings blend in with the nature. Apart from student hostel places, the all-in-one campus also includes communal facilities such as a 400-persons staff-student catering centre, a green courtyard that can hold outdoor concerts, a multi-purpose hall, a 78-persons mini-theatre, a full hillview fitness room, a dance room, a computer room, activities rooms and barbeque area. Besides, the College has added reading and leisure facilities, such as reading rooms and a nice Café.

The 624-beds nicely furnished student hostels command a panoramic view and equipped with electric fans and refrigerators. The campus implements advanced technologies, such as an integrated security system, digital signage system and Octopus payment, etc..

Visitors visiting the College shall follow the general guidelines of visiting CUHK as published by the University, and the Student Hostel Regulations of the College. A copy of the documents can be downloaded here: CUHK Campus Regulations; College Student Hostel Regulations.