Bring Your Own and Say No to Plastic

Lee Woo Sing College has become CUHK’s first college to completely ditch plastic straws! The College’s catering outlets will now provide paper straws only upon request by customers, and have replaced plastic stirrers with wooden ones as well. It is estimated that more than 90,000 plastic straws and 60,000 plastic stirrers would be saved each year! Further measures to ditch plastic disposables include: charging each type of disposables individually, and introducing paper takeaway lunchboxes and wooden takeaway cutlery.


Cut plastic waste by greening vending machines! Since December 2017, Lee Woo Sing College has ceased providing bottled water, reduced the provision of bottled soft drinks and ditched plastic forks that come with cup noodles in its vending machines. A vending machine was also repurposed for selling reusable water bottles and lunchboxes, good news for those who need to BYO with convenience!