Food Waste Collection

Food Waste Collection Station

Lee Woo Sing Collage’s canteen is the first canteen that set up a self-served food waste collection station. After meals, students have to separate their food wastes and dishes according to classification from the station. It aims to develop students’ concern on the food wastes they produced. The food wastes collected will be processed into fish food.

food waste collection station

Standard Food Portion

In order to reduce food waste, the Food Hall provides standard portion of dishes that are suitable for most customers. If needed, customers are always welcome to request for bigger portions without any extra cost by talking to the catering staff at the food counters.

Extra Charge for Using Disposable Containers and Cutleries

To reduce unnecessary use of disposable products, we encourage customers to bring their own containers and cutleries for take-away food. Customers do not need to pay takeaway charges when they use their own utensils. If they require disposable containers and cutleries, they need to pay an extra fee of $1 for each container and $2 for each cutlery set. The net revenue from the extra fees will be used to promote green living education.

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