WS Organic Farm

In order to promote green living, Lee Woo Sing College Organic Farming Scheme is now opened for applications from all affiliated students, teachers and staff, encouraging members to experience the joy of cultivating and sharing harvests.



Organic farmland at G/F of North Block



*綠色生活大使有優先分配權。如報名人數超過名額,將以抽籤形式分配農地Priority will be given to Green Life Ambassador. Places will be allocated by balloting when the number of applicants exceeds the quota


Size of Plots


Approximately 150cmx 150cm per plot

時段 Period

26/9/2018 - 14/1/2019 (Term1 學期一)

14/1/2019 - 31/5/2019 (Term2 學期二)


Opening Hour

09:00 – 23:00



Successful applicants are required to pay $20 for the rental fee of farm plot and $80 for deposit.  The deposit will be refunded after the rental period.


申請者請填妥表格(見附件),於20/09/2018 或之前電郵或交回和聲書院院務室。

Applicants should submit their completed the attached application form to or Lee Woo Sing College Office by 20/09/2018.



**租用者若在學期一內妥善管理農地,沒有荒置,將可在學期二(14/1/2019-30/4/2019)優先租用The one who maintain their land in good condition would priority for second -term from 14 Jan 2019 to 30 April 2019**

租用者守則Regulations for Hirers:

1.       請定期打理農地,勿使雜草叢生及農作物生長至範圍以外地方,影響其他農友及整體環境。

Please manage the farm regularly.  Do not let the weeds overgrow and the crops extend to the outside area that affects other hirers and the whole environment.

2.       請保持地方整潔,把工具及肥料收拾妥當、並把容器反轉防止積水滋生蚊蟲

Please keep neat and tidy. Tidy up the tools and fertilizer appropriately, putting container upside down to prevent accumulation of stagnant water that foster mosquito proliferation

3.       請勿使用化學農藥。如噴灑有機農藥,請豎立告示及小心使用,避免污染附近租用者的作物

Do not use chemical pesticides. Please erected notice and be careful when using organic pesticides to avoid polluting crops of surrounding hirers

4.       請勿擾亂屬於書院及其他租用者一切物品,包括農作物、私人農具等。

Do not disarrange the goods of the College and others farms, including crops and tools.

5.       請勿佔用公眾地方,嚴禁擅自改變租用農地範圍。

Do not occupy public areas, and do not change the boundary of hired farmland.

6.       租用者須負責其攜同的外來人士於天台農莊的一切行為,所有外來人士亦必須遵守農友守則

Hirers should be responsible for their guests’ behaviors. All guests must follow the Regulations for Hirers.


Hirers must follow the Hirers’ Regulation.  Otherwise the College would terminate the right of hirers and deposit submitted would be forfeited, and all fees submitted will not be returned.  Hirers must compensate the loss incurred by themselves.