Sustainability Mission

Green's Here

The emblem of the College is made up of three classic Chinese characters - “people”, “mountain” and “harmony”. It indicates the College emphasizes on staff-students' interaction with the environment. It is the College's ultimate goal to promote a green life among students and to raise their concern for the environment, so as to develop a sustainable campus.

Three of our green measures are pioneer in initiatives in tertiary institutions in Hong Kong, including installation of high-efficiency CIGS solar energy generation system, new-type plasmonic crystals LED lighting and hostel digital smart meter. Besides, we are planning for the implementation of various waste and energy reduction schemes in the campus, e.g., installation of ceiling fan and energy-saving mini-refrigerators in student bedrooms.

Our Green Measures

  • First-in-Hongkong hostel smart meter
  • First-in-Hongkong high-efficiency CIGS solar energy system
  • First-in-Hongkong plasmonic crystal LED lighting
  • Heat-reduction glass coating
  • In-room energy-saving ceiling fan and mini-refrigerator
  • Energy-saving appliances and electric cooking
  • Green courtyard and roof-top planting area
  • Canteen waste reduction and processing scheme
  • Waste classification on all floors
  • Green life ambassadors

Green Trip