Green WS Day

Green WS Day 2017Green WS Day 2017

Green WS Day has entered its sixth year this year. As always, Green WS Day brings the importance of green living and promotes green messages to all. There were 6 different types of booths for this year prepared by our Green Life Ambassadors. These included plantation of plastic bottles with waste recycling, energy-saving solar cooking and solar carts, to share the idea of protecting the marine oceans by the exhibition board, pollution-free coloring and share the harvest in our SKY Garden.

In the sunny afternoon, our solar cooking was very successful! In the solar cooking booth, there were so many delicious sausages, crispy toasts and yummy marshmallows. Participants were amazed on our solar cooking! Besides, our Green Life Ambassador used Roselle flowers to make a tea and steamed the sweet potatoes which all from our SKY Garden!

Marine litter exhibition boards were created by Green Life Ambassadors, which showed what they learned and their feelings from a series of green activities! Plastic Bottle Planting was also what Green Life Ambassadors learned from the Green Art workshops before. In order to uphold the responsibility of promotion of Green Life Ambassadors, they treasure the platform of Green WS Day to shares what they felt and what they learned.

Green WS Day 2017Green WS Day 2017

Green WS Day 2017Green WS Day 2017

Green WS Day 2017

Green WS Day 2016Green WS Day 2016

GreensWS Day was held last Friday, 4th of November at out College Courtyard.  More than 40 of Green Life Ambassadors helped to organize the event and over 100 students/ teachers & visitors visiting our booths of “Waste Management”, “Organic Planting” & “Energy Savings”, including information sharing, workshops, quiz & food.

The most popular booth was the “Teddy Bear Workshop” which encourage students to use handkerchief/ towels instead of tissues.  If you want to know how to make one, watch the video!  The Apple-Spinach Green Milkshake was also a star for the day.
It is the College ultimate goal to promote a green life among students and to raise their concern for the environment, so as to develop a more sustainable campus.
Let’s go GREEN!!  Let’s be a GREEN WARRIOR!!

Green WS Day 2016

Green WS Day 2016

Green WS Day 2015Green WS Day 2015

Every year, we have our green signature event - GreenWS Day. It was held on the 27 of November, 2015 at our College Courtyard. This year, we have invited a guest, Mr. Lee Meng Fa from Taiwan, who is the Founder of Green Island Elephant Social Enterprise for the opening ceremony of our GreenWS Day.
Green WS Day 2015
More than 15 of Green Life Ambassadors were helping to organize the event. Six booths were set up based on four of our College environmental project themes - “Waste Management”, “Organic Planting”, “Energy Savings” and “Water Conservation”, including workshops, flea market, games, food, information sharing and green purchase. More than 300 mini-pies & 200 cups of Mint Soda were consumed!
Green WS Day 2015
Green WS Day 2015

It is the College's ultimate goal to promote a green life among students and to raise their concern for the environment, so as to develop a more sustainable campus.

Let’s Go Green!

Green WS Day 2014 Green WS Day 2014

Woo Sing Green Day Group photo

To promote environmental awareness and low carbon living, Lee Woo Sing College organized the second“Green WS Day”on 24th October 2014. All CUHK students and staff were cordially invited to join this green fair and experience the fun of living green. The Green WS Day was packed with exciting activities including the CUHK’s first ever solar cooking event and other amusing eco-activities include the Natural Tie-dyed Workshop, Recycled Paper Making Workshop,Farmers Market, Free-cycling Campaign and Environmental Exhibitions. Prof. Gabriel Lau, director of the Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability, officiated at the event and shared his knowledge on environment protection and sustainability with participants.

Prof. Gabriel Lau giving a speech

green day's photogreen day's photogreen day's photogreen day's photo

Green WS Day 2012 Green WS Day 2012

green day 2012

It was organized as one of the celebration activities of the 5thAnniversary of the College. The environmental-themed fun fair was consisted of seven educational booths including:

  • green exhibition borrowed from the CU Tree Project
  • Recycle-paper DIY workshop
  • Hand-made soap selling
  • Happy Farm
  • WS Plant Shop
  • Green Wishing Tree

More than three hundred teachers, staff and students visited the fair and numerous compliments and positive feedbacks were received from different units.

green day 2012 photosgreen day 2012 photosgreen day 2012 photosgreen day 2012 photos