Green News (Term 1 2018/2019)

The following are the news of our Green Life Ambassador on Term 1 2018/19:


GLA – Term 1 2018/19


Our first Greenivities, Soap Recycle Workshop, was held on 26 Sep. This workshop was held in cooperationwith Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centers. They collect the used soap from the hotels of Hong Kong. In the workshop, our GLAs tried to clean and sterilization the used soap and gave a new life of the soap. Students were excited and they appreciated the meaningful social greening ideas.

Surplus Vegetable Collection Tour is another Greenivities in Term1. GLAs followed the instructions of volunteers from Greeners Action and collected the surplus vegetables in Sha Tin Wet Market. After the collection, GLAs brought all the surplus vegetables to Lek Yuen Estate and gave the needy. Through this program, they knew we should treasure the food and the importance of reduce waste at source.

Autumn is arrived! 25 GLAs went to Luk Keng on 10 Nov to hug the nature! The first entered an old village which let them experience how the old people live with the nature. After climbing the mountain to know more about local plants, they viewed the beautiful scenery of Nam Chung with fishponds, egrets and mangroves. Walking up and down the mountain and across the river, GLAs got a precious lesson on local ecology. We must take our responsibilities to cherish this beautiful nature.


International Cultural Fest and Green Fest – 25 Oct 2018

To promote green message to more students, this year, we co-operate with “International Cultural Night” and named “International Cultural Fest & Green Fest”. There were 4 different types of booths for this year prepared by our Green Life Ambassadors. These included “Bring Your Own to get 1 instant photo! “, “Surplus Food Kitchen”, “DIY Eco Enzyme Cleaner” and “Old Tee to Tote bag”.



WS Garden

This year, with the better sunshine for the vegetable, the SB 8/F Sky Garden had moved to NB G/F Garden. Our instructor, Mr. Chu, helped our students to conduct a new round of sowing with lettuce, sago and sweet potato. We hope we could get this round of crop in the Chinese New Year successfully. And let’s share together!