Central Broadcast System

College TV System

"Lee Woo Sing College Central Broadcast System" consists of a large College TV Wall located at Anita Leung Fung Yee lobby and several individual TVs installed at different locations of the College. Having this centralized system, College information, news update, promotional materials and students' creative productions will be displayed. The system forms a powerful connection among the College, the students and the public.

Operation Hours of the Central Broadcast System
TV Wall (at Anita Leung Fung Yee Lobby, G/F): Daily from 9:00am to 10:00pm
Other TVs (at the Dining Hall, LG2 and other rest areas): Daily from 8:00am to 9:00pm

Application for Posters / Videos Display
We welcome various departments of CUHK and WS student societies to display promotional materials via Central Broadcast System. Interested associations please apply and upload the materials via CUWebForm.
Interested student societies please refer HERE for the guidelines of broadcast system promotion. For any enquiry, please email to wscollege@cuhk.edu.hk .