Solar Power Generating System

Department - College Collaboration

A research team led by Prof. Xiao Xudong and Prof. Li Quan of the Department of Physics, who are also affiliated teachers of Lee Woo Sing College, at the Chinese University of Hong Kong successfully developed Cu(InGa)Se2 (CIGS) thin film solar cells that feature low production cost, high efficiency and extensive application prospects three years ago (in 2011). Its conversion efficiency of 19.4% is the highest among the same kind of solar cells in the greater China region and reaches world-class level, representing a great breakthrough in the development of renewable energy.

Since 2011, Lee Woo Sing College is closely working with Prof Xiao and recruited a team of teachers and honorary consultants to support this project. The project's first sets of solar PV panels will be installed on the two roofs (Picture 1) of the College campus, making it the first-in-Hong Kong educational institute to have the high efficiency CIGS solar PV system installed.

roof top of lee woo sing

(Picture 1)

Prof Xiao and Prof Lau, Master of Lee Woo Sing College, consider the installation of CIGS panels on College's roof tops a good opportunity of technological demonstration of CUHK research output on CUHK's own campus, as well as good opportunity of green education to College's students and University community.

The panel system will convert direct current generated by the solar cell to alternating current and input into the electricity grid directly, to minimize transmission loss. Prof Xiao and the College are glad to announce the first batch of testing panels (Picture 2) have been produced and delivered for testing in fall 2014. The installation of panels as the field demo has been completed at the end of 2016 and the system is now under operation.

solar panel sample

(Picture 2)

Solar Panel at North Block

During May-2017 to August-2017, about 13,600 kWh power is generated from the system at both north block and south block. these amount of energy can drive about 14,000 pc of 1HP Air-conditionors for 1 hour. According to this production rate, it is estimated that the College will save around $40,000 a year.