Hostel Smart Meter

Lee Woo Sing College's hostel smart meter system is the first similar system implemented in student hostels in Hong Kong. It is aimed at raising students’ awareness of energy saving and environmental protection.

All of the current (as of 2012) university hostels in Hong Kong require students to pay for air conditioning fee only. Other appliances, such as lighting, electric sockets are free to use. Students are often not aware of the importance of energy saving and left their light, computer, even high power consumption appliances switched on even their rooms are not occupied since they do not have to pay for electricity used. To better educate our students of the importance of energy saving, Lee Woo Sing College designed the first-in-HongKong hostel smart meter.

The smart meter system is able to capture the electricity usage of air conditioning, lighting and electric sockets per bedroom individually. Students would have a chance to study their electricity consumption habit. All the electricity usage in each bedroom will be counted as a whole. The College will give reasonably adequate free credits* (with 20% additional credits loaded) to residential students' electricity account. Students can use the electricity freely without paying extra even for operating the air conditioners. Once the balance in the account is used up, students can simply top-up their account on a progressive scale* with their Octopus Cards for an extension of electricity provision.

*the current free credits quota and top-up rate are listed on the notice above each add value terminal

How to top-up your account?
Once students' electricity account balance is low (less than 10 units), the in-room LED indicator will light up. Students are advised to top-up their account at this moment. Otherwise, electricity provision of air conditioning will be discontinued immediately once credits are used up; electricity provision of lighting and sockets will not be discontinued immediately due to safety reason (A negative balance will be recorded. The negative balance shall either be deducted in the free electricity quota in the coming month or in hostel deposit.
All free electricity credits and paid credits can be brought forward to the coming month. Remaining paid  balance can only be refunded when students checking out the hostel.

Procedure of top-up:
1. Select block number and input room number, then press ENTER
2. Select ADD VALUE to top-up account or ENQUIRY to check top-up record; Password is required for enquiry
3. Select top-up value ($50)
4. Tap Octopus Card to complete top-up process (If card negative value is greater than $35 after top-up,
the process will automatically cancelled)

Please contact our hostel or office staff if you encounter any problems in the top-up process. Lee Woo Sing College hostel smart meter system accepts Octopus Cards ( octopus card symbol ) only for top-up payment.