Campus Virtual Tour

360 degrees virtual tour

Lee Woo Sing College was built on a green valley in Western campus, facing the Tolo Harbour. Its campus was designed by the famous architect Mr. Rocco Yim, who has integrated the College campus with the natural environment in a harmonious manner. Most of the hostel places command panoramic views of the Tolo Harbour or surrounding mountains. It consists of two main blocks which are linked up by a complex of student communal facilities. The campus was fully opened in Spring, 2013. Please click on the Google photo-sphere image and move your mouse around to navigate.

Entrance and Anita Leung Fung Yee Lobby (G/F level) Entrance and Anita Leung Fung Yee Lobby (G/F level)

Courtyard (G/F level) Courtyard (G/F level)

The College provides an array of residential, cultural and recreational amenities to students to enrich their college life in every aspect. Those amenities include:

Students' bedroom Students' bedroom (Dorothy and Ti-Hua KOO Building) (Double room, Triple room & Quadruple room)

Fitness room (LG1, North Block) Fitness room (LG1, North Block)

Multi-purpose Hall (LG3 level) Multi-purpose Hall (LG3 level)

Mini Theatre (LG1 level) Mini Theatre (LG1 level)

Seminar Rooms (LG1 level) Seminar Rooms (LG1 level)

Cookery Demonstration Room Cookery Demonstration Room (2/F, Dorothy and Ti-Hua KOO Building)

Learning Commons (LG1, North Block) Learning Commons (LG1, North Block)