Term Residence

The College is accepting application/ confirmation of term residence (2016/17) of all cohorts. Please read the following Note to Applicants for application procedures and application periods of different batches. Certain application/ confirmation links will been opened and valid from 11 April 2016..

- Note to Applicants (Current Local Students - All Cohorts) (Note to Applicants (Freshmen, 2015/16 cohort))

- Note to Applicants (Current Non-Local Students and Local Students Eligible for Full-Residence – All Cohorts) (Note to Applicants (Freshmen, 2015/16 cohort))

- Note to Applicants (Local Students, Freshmen - 2016/17 Cohort)Note to Applicants (Freshmen, 2015/16 cohort))new

- Note to Applicants (Non-Local Students and Students Eligible for Full-Residence, Freshmen)(Note to Applicants (Freshmen, 2015/16 cohort))new

For inquiries, please email us at wscollege@cuhk.edu.hk

Protecting your personal information
Your identity and personal information are protected. Any personal information given to the College Office regarding hostel applications will only be seen by College staff who responsible for accommodation services arrangements. Those information will be kept for at least twelve months or until the graduation date of the applicants, which ever earlier. We may check the information and supporting documents you give us with related authorities or parties for validity. Please note we use online forms hosted by the University. The databases are stored and protected under the University’s firewalls. Kindly check if the forms domains consist of cuhk.edu.hk. For inquiries of personal information protection, please contact the College Office.