Application Results (2016/17)

Hostel Application - Term Residence 2016/17

(Updated: 27 August 2016)

Final Application Results (Students of All Cohorts - not including non-local freshmen)

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Final Application Results (Waiting List)

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Successful applicants have to submit an online “Roommate Preference Form” (Click here to launch the form) from now until 12:00 noon, 31 August 2016 if they wish to indicate their roommate preference. Students shall only submit the Form indicating their roommate preference with students of the same room type, i.e., students allocated with a double room cannot indicate their roommate preference with students allocated with a triple room.

Application results and appeal

1. Unsuccessful applicants may lodge appeals in writing to the Hostel and College Facilities Management Committee. Application period for appeal is from the date of result release until 12 noon, 2 September 2015.  Results of appeals will be announced via email once processed.

Move-in dates

3.       Successful applicants must complete a check-in form and move-in the hostel at the time specified (scheduled on 3 September or 4 September 2016) on the confirmation email to be sent to them upon release of application results.


4.       Successful applicants who would like to withdraw from hostel residency before move-in shall write to the College Office before the move-in date; Students who would like to withdraw from hostel residence during term time are required to submit their applications to the Wardens in written form one month in advance of the planned last date of stay. Please refer to the “Notice of Hostel Application and Withdrawal” for details.

5.       The hostel places vacated by students who withdrew from their hostel places will be assigned by the Hostel and College Facilities Management Committee to other applicants on the waiting list during term time.

Swapping of rooms

6.       Allocated hostel places are not transferable.  Students applying for swapping of room will be only considered if valid reasons are provided, and if all the members involved in the rooms agree and sign on the form “Application for Swapping of Room”.  Students should submit the form to Wardens’ Office after term commencement.  They could only swap their rooms after receiving the written confirmation from the Office.

Protecting your personal information

Your identity and personal information are protected. Any personal information given to the College Office regarding hostel applications will only be seen by College staff who responsible for accommodation services arrangements. Those information will be kept for at least twelve months or until the graduation date of the applicants, which ever earlier. We may check the information and supporting documents you give us with related authorities or parties for validity. Please note we use online forms hosted by the University. The databases are stored and protected under the University’s firewalls. Kindly check if the forms domains consist of For inquiries of personal information protection, please contact the College Office.