Locker Rental 2016/17

Locker Rental

Note to applicants:

  • All Lee Woo Sing College students are eligible to apply for a locker in the campus (For lockers in YIA, only non-residential students are eligible to apply)
  • The rental period is from the date of locker allocation until graduation date (For lockers in YIA, the rental period is from September until May of next year only)
  • Locker will be assigned to successful applicants on random basis
  • A label will be fixed on the locker (without identification of students particulars) to identify occupied locker (except for lockers in YIA)
  • Students shall bring their own pad lock (hard metal one) to lock their locker (For lockers in YIA, applicants have to collect their keys at College Office. A penalty of $50 will be charged for each lost key)
  • Students shall be responsible for the goods to be stored in the locker.
  • Storage of illegal objects, fresh food and dirty objects are strictly prohibited.
  • Students shall clean and return the locker to the College in good conditions at the end of rental period.
  • Application Deadline: 15th September 2017 by 1:00pm.
  • Result will be announced on 18th September 2017.

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