GABRIELA Nadia (Biomedical Engineering/ International Student)

"Three years ago, I was very anxious to go to CUHK and Lee Woo Sing College because it was my first time going away from home for study by myself. I worried about communication barrier at first because I cannot speak Cantonese.

My first encounter of College life was when I joined the college orientation camp which held in Cantonese. To my surprise, everyone around me was very friendly and helpful. They translated everything to English or Mandarin, and ensured me  and other international students to have fun even though I don’t understand their languages. They were willing to speak English in my small group during discussions and chit-chats.

In my first year, I joined the College’s swimming team and rowing team. Those were such a fun and challenging experiences for me because that encouraged me to be fit and live healthily. I am a member of the College’s choir for three years now and I really enjoyed my involvement in the choir because everyone is speaking English and I don’t feel left out. I found many loving friends and supportive mentors here.

I think our College is very enjoyable and very family-like as there’s a lot fun and engaging activities. The College has a lot of ways in integrating local, mainland Chinese and international students here. They organized lots of student activities such as CNY dinner, Thanksgiving dinner, Halloween Party, International Cultural Night, and many more. Besides meeting a lot of new friends from different backgrounds, I have a lot of opportunities to talk to professors about our own culture, the college life, academics, and future career as well.

I found my home-away-home in Lee Woo Sing College. Everyone around you really care about you even though they are not your family members but they treat you as a part of it. I think it’s really important to feel that you belong to the College. I feel so satisfied with my College life and hope you can find a fun and welcoming college experience as I do."

GABRIELA Nadia (2012/13 Cohort)
(Biomedical Engineering)

  • Member of WS Choir (2013-2015)
  • Recipient of Outstanding Student Award (College Service) (2014/15)