Infinite Possibilities and Care

Infinite Possibilities and Care

Lee Woo Sing College, with a population of nearly 1,300 students, will be celebrating its ninth anniversary this year. The College has been developing positively with care, support and trust from students. This year, our theme is “Infinite Possibilities and Care”. Apart from practicing and promoting the College’s spirits – Leadership, Green and Harmony, via participation and leading diversified activities, we hope our students could care for their peers and the society.

Endless Joy and Possibilities

For student activities, apart from freshmen orientation activities, anniversary celebration, festival events and CNY reunion dinner, music and sports events, we will continue to organize a number of workshops and interest group activities. New ideas are also welcomed. Our Wardens and hostel tutors have planned year-round counselling services and cross-floors gathering activities to allow students from different years of study, different cultural background and different faculties knowing each other better, and embracing the LWS harmonious atmosphere. Besides, the College's unique Green Life Ambassador programme has been enhanced. More creative elements will be added to allow students to organize their own activities to promote energy conservation and environmental protection among students.

The College takes an active role to work with student leaders in organizing various student activities.  In the past two years, students took the initiative to organize the College anniversary celebration and recruited four hundred members to get the mission impossible completed with great success. Through these activities, students’ leadership skills were fostered and sense of belonging to the College were enhanced. The College is stepping into her tenth anniversary in 2017. We hope our students will make an ever greater success in organizing the anniversary event with pride and joy.

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