Student Associations and Activities


Apart from ambassador programmes and events organized by the College, students are encouraged to join the ten student bodies and associations registered under the College Student Union (WSSU). WSSU organizes several large-scale events, such as orientation camp and College anniversary celebratory events.

Her branch, including the Residential Students’ Association, Non-residential Students’ Association, affiliated Associations, provide welfare and services for specific groups. All freshmen are welcome to join.

List of Student Associations

  • WSSU Executive Council
  • WSSU Directive Council
  • WSSU Residential Students' Association
  • WSSU Non-residential Students' Association
  • The Society of Business Administration, WSSU
  • The Nursing Society of the Nethersole School of Nursing, WSSU
  • Medical Society, WSSU
  • The Rotaract Club of WSSU
  • Drama Club, WSSU
  • The Dessert Society, WSSU


"The College's Student Union functions to ensure that students' voices are valued and interests are safeguarded. Through continuous conversations between students and college, we endeavor to create a better WS, which turns out to be the college that every student has a strong sense of belonging to.

We organize large-scale activities every year, such as anniversary celebration, orientation camp and singing contest etc.

It has only been several years since our foundation. It is no deny that there is room for improvement in terms of transparency, range and quality of services etc. We would like the concerns and efforts from all of you on the college affairs, so that all of us are entitled to a greater WS life. Meanwhile, it is the 10th anniversary of LWS college next year. We are looking forward to more students taking part in it. Only all the college members stay hand in hand that infinite possibilities can be created."

Henry Leung
Admitted to CUHK in 2015
President of College Student Union (2017/18)