Onboarding Programme for Year One Students

Onboarding Programme

The Onboarding Programme is a comprehensive life and academic guidance and bridging pro-gramme specially designed for year one students. The programme consists of networking ac-tivities, workshops and mentorship scheme, on top of the General Education courses and ac-tivities for year one students. We aim at helping freshmen to identify their personal goals as early as possible and to adjust themselves for University life via peer networking and mentor-ship scheme, so as to understand self and the society well, and lay a good foundation of their personal development.

The elements (e.g., networking activities and workshops, etc.) of this Programme are listed on the next page. All year one students are automatically enrolled in this Programme. Student completing the basic attendance requirements will receive a certificate of programme completion. For students with outstanding performance in the programme and able to demonstrate their learning outcomes may have a chance to join short-term overseas exchange trips with subsidies. The peer networking and mentorship scheme provide an interactive communication and sharing platform among peers and with mentors during their study in year one. About 20 mentors (senior students) with different background (with local and non-local students) from various faculties have joined the mentorship scheme. Year one students may indicate their preference of mentors for University life counselling according to the mentors’ personality and back-ground. Each year one student will be assigned with at least one faculty teacher for personal development and academic guidance.

Components of Onboarding Programme for Year One Students:

Induction & Ceremony

  • Kick-off Day Camp & Information Market
  • Inauguration Ceremony cum Orientation Dinner

Mentor & Advisor

  • Senior students provide advice on University life adjustment
  • Faculty teachers (advisors) provide academic-related counselling
Education Programmes
  • Exploration of self and University course
  • Assembly talks & cross-cultural experience
  • Knowing HK group project
Peer Networking
  • Specific group gathering (Residential students, non-residential, non-local, etc.)
    Spring Reception
  • Closing Ceremony


  • Relationship Management
  • IELTS Preparation & Calligraphy
  • Taste of Life workshop series

Health & Wellness

  • Ice-hockey Leadership Training
  • Kung-fu taster class
  • Healthy living and cooking
  • Horse-riding & rock-climbing