Our Greentivities

In addition to green technologies and hardware installed on campus, we actively promote green culture in the College. A series of green activities are held regularly every year, such as workshops, visits to green organizations, organic farming courses, flea market and our signature green education showcase - GreenWS Day. Starting from 2015/16 year, the Green Life Ambassador programme has been enhanced. More creative elements will be added to allow students to organize their own activities to promote energy conservation and environmental protection in the College.

Some of the Greentivities are listed below. For details of WS Greentivities, please click here.

  • GreenWS Day
  • Green Life Ambassadors
  • CNY Lantern (Reuse Red Packets) Making Workshop
  • Solar Cooking Workshop
  • Flea Market
  • Visit to Green Organizations
  • Organic Planting Workshop
  • Organic Soap Making Workshop
  • Recycle Paper Workshop