Achievements in Green Education

Smart Meter
419,000+ units of electricity were saved by implementing the smart meter system - good for 93,600 electric cars to complete a trip between WS and Central HK

Our hostel rooms use approximately 40% less electricity than hostels of comparable capacities

Nearly 600 students completed the two College G.E. courses on green education

Awarded the Silver Prize in the Public Organization, Utility, University Sector of CLP GREEN PLUS Recognition Award (2014)

Received the "Energy Conservation", "Green Event Organizing" CUHK 'GO!' Green Awards and listed 2nd runner up for Overall Green Actions. We were the only College received these awards (2015).

Organized hostel materials reuse programme for 4 years. Approximately 3,000 items were collected and reused
The energy efficiency of appliances is reviewed from time to time. We saved extra energy by replacing lighting with LED and air conditioning with energy saving models
WS's CIGS Solar PV system produce an average of 2,800kWh of electricity per month, which has the highest conversion rate of similar scale of PV system in HK